Welcome to WRH Photography. Below you can find a collection of my recent and popular shoots as well as a form if you should wish to contact me for bookings or requests.

The colony

I took myself to Norfolk to film and photograph the seals along Horsey Beach in late October 2020. I spent a few days there and, whilst originally I wanted to just capture the lives of these amazing animals, I found myself observing the human interactions more and more. The result was a short film (which you can find under “video portfolio” at the top). The video and this photo series hopefully highlight the impact that tourism and “stay-cations” have had on wildlife populations in the area.

The Gannets of Bass Rock

During the peak months 120,000 northern gannets make their home on Bass Rock. This is the largest gathering of gannets in the world and the site of them feeding is unlike anything I have seen. The Latin name for the gannet (Morus bassanus) comes from this rock. I was incredibly fortunate to be able to catch these impressive birds before they migrated for the winter.

The Great Goose Migration

The migration of geese in Northumbria is one of the UK’s less spoken about phenomenon. Every year, in October 20,000 barnacle geese make their way to the shores. They are accompanied by pink footed geese, brent geese and many others. I was fortunate to photograph this migration spectacle from Lindesfarne and later from Dumfries in 2020.

The Fallow Rut

When people talk of “the rut” it is generally meant to discuss the Red Deer. These are what photographers tend to focus on for their work. I decided that instead of setting up my camera in Richmond Park, I would track and photograph the fallow deer as they came into rut around the new forest. It was truly special to watch these majestic animals come together in their natural habitat and I’m so fortunate that this is on my doorstep!

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